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Core technology platform
Introduction & CTO
  Our R & D team have 3 Ph. Ds, 5 masters and 7 college graduates, total of 15 persons with rich experience in biotechnology field. Our chief technology officer is Dr. Yen-Shang Chen, who has worked in the one of the largest international pharmaceutical companies for many years and accumulated abundant experience in strain improvement, fermentation technology development and recovery and purification of APIs (general API and high potency). He has also worked in Taiwan for more than 20 years and developed products of API and health food.
Microbial screening
  & mutation breeding technology
Optimization of the fermentation process,
  scale-up and manufacture
Purification (fermentation product:
  API and polypeptide) process development
Semi-synthetic technology for API
  (fermentation product)
API fermentation process optimization platform
API Recovery and Purification Process development platform
Probiotics adaptation
  & screening technology
High cell density culture and scale up to
  industrial production scale
Room temperature storage technology
Health Food Synbiotics application
Agriculture & Livestock Synbiotics
  (probiotic + prebiotic) application
Probiotics/HFI (Health Food Ingredient) Production Process Development Platform
Agriculture & Livestock Synbiotics (probiotic + prebiotic) platform