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Brief introduction
Glory Biotech Co., Ltd. was founded in Oct. 2000 and is a fast growing biotechnology company of focusing on strain development and fermentation process scale up. We are currently in the process of developing active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and intermediate, probiotics, health food ingredient (HFI), animal feed ingredient (AFI) as our major products.
Our company’s strain bank has contained many strains used in different biotechnology field. We have rich experience in strain improvement and fermentation technology development. We have different sizes of fermenters up to 50 & 60 tons and the ability of optimizing and scale up of the fermentation process. We also follow the GMP policy for our product quality control and can provide the complete service in product development, contract manufacture and process optimization.
We have worked on the API development including strain improvement, fermentation process optimization and scale up, recovery and purification process for many years. The accumulated experience in API (and intermediate) development boost our capability of product development and manufacture in probiotics, health food and ingredient, animal feed and ingredient field. Our goal is to develop the manufacture process and product Portfolio based on our customer’s need and be the best partner in the microbial biotechnology field.